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Hair of the Dog
Cursor Miner

LO1204 [12]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
01 Hair of the Dog
02 Spassfaktor
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Following the storming success of the '4 Guardians' EP for Combat Recordings, which, received record of the week on the Breezeblock, Cursor Miner returns to Lo Recordings in fine form.

'Hair of the Dog' is quite simply one of the horniest pieces of electro beat funk ever committed to vinyl, with bone-crushing sub-bass, clattering breaks and a ride cymbal hat might possibly make you want to mess your pants. On the flip youʼll find Spassfaktor', a Shuffle beat monster (but none of this poofy Kompakt style business), once again with bowel-interference bass and coming on like Alter Egoʼs little brother doing the nasty with Gary Glitter. Just imagine.

Both tracks have the inimitable Cursor Miner production sound and will feature on his forthcoming 'Danceflaw' LP, which will be unleashed in May, and guaranteed to cause jubilation across the world for discerning beat freaks and DJs.

Played it as my last record in Dublin last week, people were queueing up to find out what it was! Fucking great! - Andrew Weatherall

This is the real electronic shit! Top! My biggest support - Angel Molina

'Hair of the Dog' - Off the hook! 9/10, charted - Colin McBean/Mr. G

This is a cracking release and the punters lapped up 'Hair of the Dog' in Budapest on Saturday...keep 'em coming! - Will Saul

Loving this! Top 5 tune - Jonny Slut

Ah the lovely Mr. Cursor, what a talent! What a guy! We love him down this way, splendid tracks! - Princess Julia

London underground electro classics already! Whenever Iʼve played them itʼs rocked! I have a lot of respect for Cursor Miner as an artist and general geezer - hope he gets the success soon he deserves. 10/10 - Shelley Parker

FANTASTIC! Love both sides! Canʼt wait for the album - Fil OK

Iʼm really feeling 'Hair of the Dog' - Billy Nasty