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A Summer She Has Never Been a Winter She Fear

LCD47 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 I Dreamt I Was Throwing Stones Into The Sea
Play 02 No Spring
Play 03 Tree Wish
Play 04 Little Things,Permenant Things, Boring Things
Play 05 Wind Wind
Play 06 She Speaks Mellifluosly of Kings and Poets
Play 07 Madame Ortance
Play 08 Montmartre
Play 09 After Silence
Play 10 La Mammon
Play 11 Symphony For Toys
Play 12 Every Garden has a Corner for Children
Play 13 Isobel
Play 14 Quand On Arrive En Ville
Play 15 Mia Bella Fiorentina
Play 16 Asleep in the Crowd

Théodore - 'a summer she has never been, a winter she fears'

Release Date: March 27th 2005

A new artist on Lo. His first album is reminiscent of the emotive folktronica popularised by Four Tet but even more explorational. Should appeal to fans of Múm, Colleen and Matmos.

Hailing from Greece Théodore fuses samples from real instruments with electronic and natural sounds, conjuring a world of his own where nothing is quite what it seems.

“Like a mulch bin of rock that decomposes into sweet vignettes of sincerity and organic warmth, Theodore pursues traditional instruments with a field recordist’s sense and an electronic artist’s acumen”

J. David Marston – XLR8R

a beautifully poetic and evocative piece of work… stunning little melodies, delicate acoustic instrumentation, found sounds and atmospheric elegance…provides the listener with countless moments of stunning beauty.


Dark, melancholic and frequently understated… should become a focal point in the field of today’s electronic music.


‘ débute sur une chanson enfantine brillante, calme et absolument reposante…Sa musique semble avoir été construite à partir d’une créativité insatiable et d’une agilité remarquable’.


‘an evocative album of sunny pastoral soundscapes with emotional beauty and masterful detail.Theodore has most definitely carved a niche for himself in the organic side of electronic music.’


‘Theodore has come to fill the mind with tranquil treasures… will sweep you into another stratosphere entirely. Rejoice.’