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Cursor Miner

LCD51 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 This Is Electro
Play 02 Hair of the Dog
Play 03 Cursor Miner Feels Good
Play 04 Exult
Play 05 Danceflaw
Play 06 Spassfaktor
Play 07 Skunk Works
Play 08 Open The Box
Play 09 Aint Talkin About Love
Play 10 Errors In My Mind
Play 11 Miniminormegamix

The 3rd album by Cursor Miner is finally with us and it is massive! Most definitely his most focused and friendly album yet. Warped grooves way beyond the call of duty, all with the un-mistakeable CM sound.

His live shows have been getting serious dancefloor re-action around the globe (particularly in Prague for some reason…) and the electro classic ‘Sport of Kings’ was a hit with everyone from Felix Da Housecat to Mark Moore, Rennie Pilgrem and Andrew Weatherall. The album includes a 20 minute ‘miniminermegamix’ that gives an idea of his live show, a little like The Prodigy on steroids….

Oh and here’s some just in response to the Hair of the Dog single:

wicked Andy Farley really feeling it Billy Nasty cracking release Will Saul Loving this! Top 5 tune Jonny Slut Love the trax Andi Durrant what a talent! Princess Julia Charted at 1Pjotr Dirty with attitude Cian Ciaran love it Greg Zizique amazing Mister Sushi great Phil KieranLove it James Hyman brilliant Anu love it Duncan Forbes Killer Frank Tope electro classics already Shelley love it Jonty Skruff FANTASTIC Fil OK Fucking great Andrew Weatherall