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How to Spell Toob

LCD48 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 4 Walls
Play 02 Here Enough
Play 03 Inky
Play 04 Drum and Monkey
Play 05 Tension in the Playground
Play 06 T-O-O-B
Play 07 Clawing Its Way Back
Play 08 Beaulieu
Play 09 The Miscreant
Play 10 After
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‘How to spell Toob’ is the debut album by Toob, the new venture from Rich Thair and Jake One of Red Snapper. Toob combine live drums and electronics in a fresh new way to create an album that moves between downtempo vocal tunes, funky mid tempo grooves and floor filling beats. As unique a sound as that of Red Snapper with a bright new twist.

The recent single ‘The Miscreant’ went down a storm with all the best DJ’s and Toob are beginning to build an impressive profile on the live circuit. With Rich’s inimitable style of live drumming and Jake’s improvised electronics they are currently working floors of top clubs all over London (Fabric, Cargo, Chew The Fat) and the UK and rocking the main stage of festivals throughout Istanbul, Estonia, Belgium and Bristol.

‘an absolute taste explosion’.

Dean Thatcher 5/5 *****

‘totally amazing! really refreshing’

Nick Luscombe XFM

‘Fuckin brilliant’ Koma & Bones TCR

‘You dirty fuckers – Love it!!!’ Crispin Dior/ Fesh

‘Percussive, hypnotic and original’ Sound Nation

‘Really liked this and different from the usual Lo releases.’ Trevor Jackson

‘Great, monster tune.’ Phil Hartnoll / Orbital

‘Very good... lovin’ Lo at the moment.’ Rob Da Bank

‘I’m into this big time, will play’ Osymyso BBC Radio One

Red Snapper founder and remix guru Rich Thair releases the first single from his new album ‘How To Spell Toob’. ‘The Miscreant’ is straight from the roots of acid house, but this time with a twist. There’s an element of improvisation here, an exciting live slant on the hypnotic four-to-the-floor we know and love. Had me reaching for the lasers anyway. Love you, man. Got any water?


Touch April 2005

Lifejackets at the ready gang, ‘How To Spell Toob’ is one curious voyage through the musical ocean. We set sail with ‘4 Walls’, a roomy, tension-building breakbeat number with a creepy acid line and soothing chimes, but this is only the beginning. Just as we get used to the choppy waters, we sail into the soothing, if not a little melancholy, shores of ‘Here Enough’, a sultry downtempo tune that falls into the cool side of lounge. This continues throughout the album; tempo changes and mood keep changing butthere’s a general consensus of creepy funk as each track sails into each other with grace. With a perfect blend of live and electronic instruments at play, this is fresh listening – from the funky bass of ‘Drum and Monkey’ to the dirty bleeps of ‘The Miscreant’, there’s more than enough variety to keep you entertained. However there are one or two times when things can get a little morose, ‘Clawing It’s Way Back’, a moody number adorned with depressing sounding vocals, lowers the vibe too much for my liking, but then I did say it was a curious voyage. All in all, a worthwile trip.

Dave Jenkins.

IDJ April 2005

Toob – The Miscreant (Lo Recordings)

Rich Thair and Jake One’s monster that is Toob have brought forth a seriously moody tribal tech-fest here. Remix wise, Elite Force accentuate the tribal beat on this housey roller, making it even deadlier. This is one for the wee hours of the night when tensions are high and the lights are blue. Check out the heavenly breakdown…LN

IDJ April 2005