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False Starts

LCD43 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Ga Gain
Play 02 About Life
Play 03 Dera
Play 04 80
Play 05 Energy
Play 06 My Lovemixdown
Play 07 Shopping
Play 08 Yomas Envelopes
Play 09 Debil
Play 10 000 Bluesky
Play 11 Edindrog
Play 12 Astrafilter
Play 13 Comarovd
14 While Im Sleeping
Play 15 For After
Play 16 Search
Play 17 Warm War
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Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful albums you’ll hear all year.

Drop dead gorgeous melodies. Compositions sometimes reminiscent of Satie or Debussy gently flecked with tactile electronics…interlaced with crisp beats and the occasional vocal refrain. Gentle cinematic electro. The promise that ambient music made but rarely delivered. Music that will haunt your dreams and fill your waking hours with warmth.

• Special lush packaging with tasty stickers.

The whole album is suffused with humanity and accessibility often lacking in this music. Alexandroid, then: the perfect fusion of man and machine.

****Ben Murphy DJ Magazine 14-22 May 2004

‘the under-realised potential of ambient music is finally fulfilled with staggering consequences. A timeless record.’

****Russell Way - Logo Magazine May 2004