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Cursor Miner Plays God
Cursor Miner

LCD42 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 War Machine
Play 02 Man Made Man
Play 03 Gizmo Kid
Play 04 The Sport of Kings
Play 05 I Want To Be A Foetus
Play 06 Me and My Clone
Play 07 Library
Play 08 Hi Tech Weaponry Girl
Play 09 Clear My Head
Play 10 Metathon
Play 11 LSD
Play 12 Grilling The Cheese
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The eagerly awaited 2nd album by Cursor Miner is at last upon us. And what an insanely enjoyable collection of electronic music it is. Veering from the electro-anthemic majesty of ‘The Sport of Kings’ (record of the week on BBC Radio 1’s Breezeblock, as well as being used on ITV’s upcoming World Rally programmes) to the Syd Barrett madness of ‘Me and My Clone (or indeed LSD), this is maverick music at its finest.

Cursor himself has been very busy of late touring in Russia, India and Europe as well as writing music for Radio One (5,4,3,2,1!), getting loads of radio play on Peel, Mary Anne Hobbs, John Kennedy, Shane Quentin and other discerning shows, and generally impressing upon people what a fine, upstanding and somewhat strange fella he is.

His recent ‘Library’ EP was a smash hit (mainly with librarians who thrilled to the line ‘librarians are very sexy’), with the limited 7” selling out in one day.

Expect more live dates to coincide with the album, some tasty promo items and a rabid public eager to experience the deep joy that only music this good can bring.

“Verging on proudly plastic genius ****” Q Magazine

“This sounds like some mid 90s Denim / Gary Numan collaboration…I’m really digging it” Vice

“Cursor’s unhinged imagination will raise both a smile and your heart-rate ****” Logo

“Electronica of a particularly twisted and tongue-in-cheeck type, utterly unaffected by fashion.” Time Out