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And I Went To Sleep
Motohiro Nakashima

LCD41 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Meow
Play 02 Tuesday
Play 03 Landlocked
Play 04 Potola
Play 05 Shh
Play 06 Nightfall
Play 07 Rain
Play 08 Yap
Play 09 Siemreap
Play 10 Sob
Play 11 Zzz
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The music on this album is by a young man called Motohiro Nakashima from Osaka, Japan. It reminds me sometimes of Aphex Twinís selected ambient works v1 and sometimes of Mogwai or Susumu Yokota but mostly it sounds like the man in the picture below. When I listen to it, it makes me feel better. It fills the space beautifully. His music is warm, intimate and relaxed. Itís probably just what you need. But we canít be sure.