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Red Snapper

LCD39 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 The Quiet One . Broadway Project Mix
Play 02 Regrettable. Depth Charge Mix
Play 03 Four Dead Monks. Radioactive Man mix
Play 04 Ultraviolet. Rich Thair Mix
Play 05 Regrettable. Blue States Mix
Play 06 Mountains & Valleys. Susumu Yokota Mix
Play 07 Heavy Petting. The Creation Mix
Play 08 Dnipro. Europa 51 Mix
Play 09 Odd Man Out. Odd Man Mix
Play 10 Quite One. Knowledge of Bugs Mix
Play 11 Mountains & Valleys. Pedro Mix
Play 12 Ultraviolet. Rothko Mix

Every now and again along comes a compilation that isn’t run of the mill, not the same old same old, that has a sense of purpose/continuity, that actually has a reason to exist. Needless to say, this is one of those. A collection of tracks so perfectly formed that words like ‘compilation’ and ‘remix’ cease to be relevant.

After the remarkable response to the ‘Red Snapper’ album Lo Recordings decided to celebrate by asking some of their favourite acts - including Red Snapper themselves of course - to reinterpret a track from the album. ‘Redone’ was born. A sumptuous collection of grooves and moods whose variety seems to somehow capture the very essence of the Red Snapper experience.

Check the unstoppable J Saul Kane (Radioactive Man) on firing form in an old skool hip hop fashion. Likewise, Mr. Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man) doesn’t disappoint here with a rocking slice of electrotech.

The first Europa 51 album by Andy Ramsay & Simon Johns of Stereolab with Steve Russell and 18 musicians including members of the High Llamas and with vocals by the late Mary Hansen of Stereolab is available on Lo Recordings. Their mix of Dnipro is a good indication of their unique mixture of folk, country and ‘lab vibes.

As we said, Snapper themselves, in various guises have added their own re-interpretations. The Creation is the name used by David Ayers of Red Snapper and partner Felix Tod at Creation studios where they both work as producers on various projects including Fightbox for the BBC. Rich Thair is currently building his own studio in the Welsh valleys where he intends to produce his own 'Thair' lp which will be ‘a means of purging years of frustration and compromise without disappearing up my own arse!’ Oddman comprise Ali Friend, Gavin Clark and Ted Barnes. The aim is to continue experimenting with sounds and ideas while creating vocal takes . ‘Odd songs I suppose.’ says Ali.

To continue the theme of the 'Red Snapper' album, Redone comes in specially designed packaging with a unique fabric label. A sumptuous package of design, grooves and moods whose variety seems to somehow capture the very essence of the Red Snapper experience.