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Red Snapper
Red Snapper

LCD35 [CD]
LLP35 [LP]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Regrettable
Play 02 Mountains and Valleys
Play 03 Ultraviolet
Play 04 Heavy Petting
Play 05 Dnipro
Play 06 Hot Flush (Sabres of Paradise mix)
Play 07 Odd Man Out
Play 08 The Quiet One
Play 09 The Tunnel (live)
Play 10 Four Dead Monks (live)
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rel. date: 24th February 2003

Red Snapper lives!

When Red Snapper came to us with a 3 track ep originally scheduled for release on the now defunct Nuphonic label we said ‘it’s great but is that all there is?’

Much digging was done, tracks were remixed, heads were scratched and a new album was born. No vocals no drum and bass just beautiful music of which the chilled out ‘Mountains and Valley’s’ is a good example. What’s more people in the know reckon it’s their best stuff for ages and we’re inclined to agree. What a corker! Never has Lo sounded so mellow and groovy but as you know we’re open to all things of quality. So here it is Red Snapper, another Lo Quality product.

P.S. The initial quantities of this album are available with ultra snazzy packaging featuring fabric labels made especially in Hong Kong!