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Christmas Baubles And Their Strange Sounds
Various Artists

LCD34 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 S
Play 02 26
Play 03 Nazlo(EU Mix)
Play 04 Lasta
Play 05 Nuo Comp
Play 06 Nu Direct
Play 07 New DnB
Play 08 Second
Play 09 Shell (EU Mix)
Play 10 ORCH
Play 11 Noisy Organ
Play 12 Slowly
Play 13 A

Following the splendid compilation called 'Ru Electronic' that featured the Russian electronic undergrounds finest exponents. Lo Recordings

Now releases a collaborative album between two of its featured artists EU and Tenzor.

EU are widely regarded as the most fantastical of Russia's creative musicians as their new album 'Warm Math' proves so deftly. Tenzor has the ability to transform music into a new emotional vocabulary.

Christmas Baubles goes deep into the soul of electronica, crafting sublime melodies and moods reminiscent of early Aphex Twin or Plaid at their most beautiful.

Moody and magnificent, this is an album full of snow but not a reindeer in sight. Wrap up your arms and legs but keep your head exposed to this effervescent bubblebath soaking your mind.

Glistening, bristling landscapes full of mystery and discovery.

'I love it even more than my own music, it makes me think of snow, blubber and semen. ' Bjork