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Barry 7's Connectors 2
Barry 7

LCD31 [CD]
LLP31 [LP]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Giuseppe De Luca-Rito A Los Angeles
Play 02 Giuseppe De Luca-Dorian Gray
Play 03 Giampiero Boneschi-Sisy
Play 04 Ennio Morricone-Dies Irae Psichedelico
Play 05 Giampiero Boneschi-Oakum
Play 06 Ennio Morricone-In Un Ricordo
Play 07 Giampiero Boneschi-New Situation
Play 08 Giampiero Boneschi-Saturns Ambush
Play 09 Piero Piccioni-Italiamericana Collage
Play 10 Giuseppe De Luca-Giallo A Londra
Play 11 S. Torossi-Omicidio Per Vocazione
Play 12 Ennio Morricone-Seconds Rito
Play 13 Ennio Morricone-Statio Confusionale
Play 14 Giuseppe De Luca-Margaret
Play 15 Giuseppe De Luca-October Fest
Play 16 Ennio Morricone-Iniziazone '72
Play 17 Daniele Patucchi-Motivi Psichedlici

After the excellent reception afforded to Connectors comes Connectors 2.

And what a magnificent animal it would be if it were an animal but it’s not.

It’s a collection of previously unreleased library/soundtrack music from some of the greatest modern Italian composers including the legendary Ennio Morricone compiled by the ever adventurous Barry 7.

Barry 7 - whose new album with Add N to X ‘Loud Like Nature’ is also out this sSeptember - is renowned for his unique DJ sets (that feature everything from Paul McCartney to Funky Country), his wild synthesiser tones and his impeccable dress sense.

Barry has as always gone to great lenghths to unearth the most unusual, experimental but nevertheless musical treasures and nowhere is this more evident than on Connectors 2. All but one of these tracks have been licensed from the highly collectable Cam label and none have been commercially avaible before now. Known in Italy as one of the great soundtrack and jazz labels, much of the music here doubled both as library and film soundtrack music in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Piccioni’s fusion of Basic Channel techno minimalism with Hanged Man style‘super slick chase scene funk’ replete with impossible time changes and spot on brass playing is only one of the many highlights.

Fried psychedelic funk, maverick electronic freakouts, lush orchestral workouts, heavenly voices and of course those twangy guitars that Morricone is famous for.

There’s even some Glenn Milleresque space jazz that wouldn’t be out of place in the famous Star Wars bar scene courtesy of the incredible Giampiero Boneschi.

None of this material has been licensed before and to say it is rare is an understatement.

The sound is very different from its predecessor most of which emanated from France. There is it is said nothing to compete with the ‘Italian Style’ and after listening to this compilation you might be inclined to agree.