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Barry 7's Connectors
Barry 7

LCD25 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Jiri Bezant/Jiri Malasek-Erotica
Play 02 Nino Nardini-Catch That Man
Play 03 Stringtronics-Dawn Mists
Play 04 Georges Teperino-Weird Sounds No1
Play 05 Paul Piot/Paul Guiot-Amour, Vacances Et Baroque
Play 06 Paul Bonneau-Preambule No. 36
Play 07 Sven Libaek-Solar Flares
Play 08 |Doris Hayes-Forgotten World
Play 09 Sven Libaek-Quasers
Play 10 Doris Hays-Scared Trip
Play 11 Eric Peters-Electronic Rhythmn
Play 12 Paul Bonneau-Univers Sideral
Play 13 Roger Roger-Coconut Coast
Play 14 Cecil Leuter-Electro Sounds No.8
Play 15 Roger Roger-Roger Rhythmn No.1
Play 16 The Johanna Group-Hors Phase
Play 17 Anthony King-Maladjusted Moogie
Play 18 J.Matthews-Electro-Exotic 1
Play 19 Paul Bonneau-Preamble No.37
Play 20 Torrie Zito-Mobile
Play 21 Garrie Belington-Merry Go Sound

More library madness!

Hot on the heels of the widely acclaimed 'Nuggets' - Luke Vibert's Selection' comes another most unusual selection of prime 70's library music, this time selected by Barry 7 renowned exponent of the most eclectic DJ sets in town and member of avant electro pop terrorists Add N to X.