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Nuggets - Luke Vibert's Selection
Luke Vibert

LLP23 [LP]
LCD23 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Richard Demaria-Next Episode
02 Epstein/Kraman-Turkish Delight
Play 03 Eddie Warner-Pathetic Motion
Play 04 Midas Touch-Intimations
Play 05 Roger Roger-Frantique
Play 06 Eddie Warner-Xylophagus
Play 07 Boneschi Electronic Combo-The Bungler
Play 08 Nino Nardini-Soft Bossa
Play 09 Georges Teperino-Cleopatra
10 Peter Bonello-Electronic Track 10
Play 11 Anthony King-Chunnel Boogie
Play 12 Eddie Warner-Telex
13 Nino Nardini-Bumbling Along
Play 14 Eddie Warner-Xylo Spleen
Play 15 Anthony King-Chunnel Boogie
16 Nino Nardini-Icebreaker
Play 17 Heinz Funk Electronic Combo-Bacarolle
Play 18 Eddie Warner-Syncopated Motion
Play 19 Cecil Leuter-Electronic Track 15
Play 20 Johanna Group-Strange Love Action
Play 21 Fred Weinburg-Electra-Loo
Play 22 David Holland-Zouche Drums 3
Play 23 Cecil Leuter-Electronic Track 12
Play 24 A.King/J.Matthews-Pots And Pans
Play 25 Jack Arel/Pierre Dutour-Sundown
Play 26 Eddie Warner-Chromatickles
Play 27 Eddie Warner-On The Air
Play 28 Ninno Nardini-Tropical
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28 Rare library tracks selected by Luke Vibert. 'Sound library recordings, particularly those from 1970's France, are secret treasures barely beginning to be mapped. Nuggets‚ offers an ideal introduction. It's an intriguing anthology, undoubtedly one that will encourage collectors & creators alike to explore the lost world of sound library recordings'. TOP STUFF!