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Various Artists

LCD22 [CD]
LLP22 [LP]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Klutch-Strochnik
Play 02 EU-Kmsh
Play 03 Lonyx-Plastic Bell
Play 04 Vesna-Faswerk
Play 05 Klutch-Wantelur Saw
Play 06 Fizzarum-Izoterica
Play 07 PCP-Jazz Bubbles
Play 08 EU-Downset
Play 09 Tenzor-Qwasha
Play 10 PCP-Vse Rabotaet
Play 11 Solar X-One Free Drink
12 Cabina/Clutch-Mirok
Play 13 Kirill Sobolev-Terd32
Play 14 Lonyx-Sweet Snow
Play 15 Tenzor-Out
Play 16 Solar X-Miro

A guide to the russian electronic underground curated by Eu. 16 tracks including EU, Klutch, Vesna, Fizzarum, PCP and more. Wonderful collection of post warp electronica.