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Hairy Butter
Hairy Butter

LCD21 [CD]
LLP21 [LP]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Locked In, Locked On
Play 02 Smells Like Teen Spunk
Play 03 Mental Pressure
04 Im So Bored With The MDMA
Play 05 Technicolour Yawn
Play 06 I Wanna Shout
Play 07 The Lump
Play 08 Psychedelic Rinse
Play 09 Uh Huh
Play 10 I Hate My Life And I Wanna Die
Play 11 Gamma Gamma Ray
Play 12 Butter Mountain
Play 13 Office Tart
Play 14 U
Play 15 Twoc
Play 16 X
Play 17 Gold Stew
Play 18 Stop This Midnight Madness

For some reason one of the releases I'm most attached to (maybe it's the vinyl sleeve),

this is an awesome and inspirational collage of noise, beats and groudbreaking sound processing - but that's just my opinion others think it sucks (always a good sign) - . it's all there but you gotta dig deep.