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Fresh Fruit - Lo Sampler
Various Artists

LCD20 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Kid 606-Dandy
Play 02 Johannes-My My Rock 'N' Roll
Play 03 Hairy Butter-Office Tart
Play 04 The Remote Viewer-Slowly In Waves
Play 05 Alternative 3-Rockets In A Beautiful Sky
Play 06 Hrvatski-Short With Guitar
Play 07 They Came From The Stars Vs. The London Toy Orchestra-Sunshine Coach Episode 1
Play 08 Max Tundra-Runaround
Play 09 Ivan Seal And Benedict Drew-Cacophone
Play 10 Ceephax-Polar
Play 11 Addie Brik And Richard Thomas-Elegant Flower
Play 12 Cursor Minor-Never Been Seen
Play 13 Rothko-Old Folk Tunes
Play 14 Jean Baptiste-Mixtion Mixtilique (Extract)
Play 15 Vl-Tone-When Deja Vu Becomes The Realisation That You Keep Doing The Same Shit Over And Over Again
Play 16 Leis-Aegina
Play 17 St-Wall Of Heat
Play 18 Santa Dog-Theme From Camberwick Green
Play 19 Antenna Farm-Cracked
Play 20 C Pij Obscura-Ac Slide
Play 21 Sensum-Sub-Ter-Rene

Insanely action packed compilation of all thats wild and wonderful inc. lots of tracks from forthcoming/recent releases plus exclusives and a couple of licensed tracks. feat. kid 606, remote viewer, ceephax, c-pij, johannes, antenna farm and lots, lots more.