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Original Soundtrack
Alternative 3

LLP19 [LP]
LCD19 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Illiac 4
Play 02 Alternative 1
Play 03 White Sands/Black Sun
Play 04 Iron Curtains
Play 05 Batch Consignments
Play 06 Components
Play 07 Rockets In A Beautiful Sky
Play 08 Operation Midnight Climax
Play 09 Alternative 2
Play 10 Designated Movers
Play 11 The Smoother Plan
Play 12 Telepathic Sleep Job
Play 13 Delicate Landing
Play 14 Archimedes Base
Play 15 Greenhouse Armageddon
Play 16 Alternative 3
Play 17 Human Decision Required
Play 18 Brain Drain

long lost sessions mostly recorded at the centre of sound (some at the 'labs studio) with richard thomas, jon tye, add n to x and stereolab. super fried electronic madness. very filmic and allegedly the soundtrack to the film of cult 70's book/tv report Alternative 3.