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Constant Friction - Collaborations 2
Constant Friction

LCD18 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Addie Brick/Plaid-Bonded
Play 02 Persona/Warn Defever-Thumper (I Could Not Let Go)
Play 03 Squarepusher/Richard Thomas-Plate Core
Play 04 Four Tet/Rothko-Rivers Become Oceans
Play 05 Void/Twisted Science-Shock
Play 06 Sophia/OBX-Reminds Me Of The Sun
Play 07 Mondii/Inap/GU9
Play 08 Cylob/Mike Flowers-1999
Play 09 BJ Cole/Luke Vibert-Wanging It
Play 10 Hrvatski/Blitter-Nuclear Cats Get Home
Play 11 Rothko/Monsoon Bassoon-Fuck You Fuck Your Endoscope
Play 12 Twisted Science/Zan Lyons-Waves And Raditation
Play 13 Richard Thomas/Kid 606-Psychedlic Rock
Play 14 Stereolab/Hairy Butter-Brain Drain

2nd in the collaboration albums and nowhere near as adventurous/exploratory as the first one it must be said. more a roundup of various collabs on lo over the past year or two. nevertheless lots of great stuff much of which is unusually accessible. includes rothko/four tet, squarepusher/richard thomas, warn defever/persona, stereolab/hairy butter and lots more.

god knows why it didnít sell shitloads!