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Soggy Martyrs
Richard Thomas

LCD16 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Basics Of Cardiac Ausulation
Play 02 Absolute Winter
Play 03 De Polie/Perla
Play 04 I Will Rock You
Play 05 Ice Cream Fingers
Play 06 The Eagle/N Space-Em Space
Play 07 I Am Carnal, And I Know That You Approve
Play 08 Ask The Eight Ball
Play 09 Echo/Kilo/Whisky
Play 10 In Your Mouth
Play 11 Darkness Sucker
Play 12 Ruthless People
Play 13 Acid Free Atlantis
Play 14 Manicougan 5

Stupendous 2nd album from thomas. more accessible than the first but no less individual or moving, 14 tracks.