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Fabulous Shit
Various Artists

LCD14 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Richard Thomas-Return To Pow-7
Play 02 Kundalini-Walking Sun
Play 03 David Kristian-Luau lll
Play 04 Stereolab-008
Play 05 Wagon Christ-Flip Flop
Play 06 Mogwai-003
Play 07 Four Tet/Rothko-Rivers Become Oceans
Play 08 Richard Thomas-Waxy Flexability
Play 09 Warn Defever-One Year
Play 10 Eight Frozen Modules-Sand Bubbles
Play 11 Add N to X-Live Recording with a Dead Thursten
Play 12 Cheap Glue-Beaujolais Nouveau Day
Play 13 Albarn/Coxon/Moore-101%
Play 14 Thursten Moore/Infrstructure-Yvonne/Thaw
Play 15 Rothko-Not Growing Out Of But Into
Play 16 David Kristen-Strange Mountaineers
Play 17 The Sycophants-Second
Play 18 The Aphex Twin/Mike Flowers Pops-Debase
Play 19 Barbed-Vibrators
Play 20 Echo Park-Eugenics
Play 21 Link One
Play 22 Twisted Science-Stripped andSanded
Play 23 Third Eye Foundation
Play 24 Link Two
Play 25 Richard Thomas-Islamic Tartan
Play 26 2 Player-Swimming Pool
Play 27 Link Three
Play 28 Bedouin Ascent-Composition fro Neutral Space
Play 29 David Kristian-Luau lll

Action packed journey through the lo back catalogue, mixed by twisted science.

29 tracks: richard thomas, kundalini, david kristian, stereolab, wagon christ, mogwai, four tet/rothko, warn defever, 8 frozen modules,, add n to x, merzbow, cheap glue, voafose, albarn, coxon, moore, the sycophants, aphex twin vs mike flowers, 2 player, bedouin ascent, thurston moore. some liked it and some definitely didnít.