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Milky Disco 3 - To The Stars
Various Artists

LCD80-CD1 [CD]
LCD80-CD2 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 CD1: Leo Zero - Carbon Cave
Play 02 CD1: Ghostape - I Feel Your Soul
Play 03 CD1: Jonny Nash - Metabolic
Play 04 CD1: Hatchback - Comets (The Beat Brokers Colors of the Club Mix)
Play 05 CD1: Ichisan - Space Patrl
Play 06 CD1: Soft Rocks - Bobbys Revenge
Play 07 CD1: Telespazio - Closer Space
Play 08 CD1: Brassica - Made Up My Mind
Play 09 CD1: Black Devil Disco Club - For Hope (Dub)
Play 10 CD1: Cos/Mes - Iron Deck
Play 11 CD1: Moscow - Deep Heat
Play 12 CD1: Oneohtrix Point Never - Astral Project T.I.N.A
Play 13 CD2: Telespazio - Closer Space
Play 14 CD2: Jonny Nash - Metabolic
Play 15 CD2: In Flagranti - Preceding Stairs
Play 16 CD2: Soft Rocks - Bobbys Revenge
Play 17 CD2: NDV - Touchy Philly
Play 18 CD2: Coyote - Cactus
Play 19 CD2: Black Devil Disco Club - For Hoped (Dub)
Play 20 CD2: Ichisan - Space Patrol
Play 21 CD2: Weirdo Police - Missed Wish
Play 22 CD2: Hatchback - Comets (The Beat Brokers Colors of the Club Mix)
Play 23 CD2: Ghostape - I Feel Your Soul
Play 24 CD2: Leo Zero - Carbon Cave
Play 25 CD2: Cos/Mes - Iron Deck
Play 26 CD2: The Flying Sapphire - Behemoth (Maelstrom Acid Dub)
Play 27 CD2: Moscow - Deep Heat
Play 28 CD2: Black Mustang - Blackout Part 2
Play 29 CD2: Oneohtrix Point Never - Japan Display
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After the fine response to last years Milky Disco 2 release, Lo Recordings brings you another selection of cosmic space nuggets to light up your life.

Featuring well known names such as Soft Rocks, Hatchback, Black Devil Disco Club and In Flagranti alongside new talent like Leo Zero, Telespazio and Moscow, Milky Disco once again explores a kaleidoscopic variety of styles, tempos and textures.

From the nu-kraut throb of Jonny Nash (Discosession), the percussive chants of Ghostape and the narcotic ambience of Oneohtrix Point Never to the amazing fried acid of Japan’s COS/MES and the soft fuzz vocal disco of Brassica, it’s a diverse but coherent journey to the outer limits.

This time there’s a mixed and an unmixed selection, usually we prefer to let the listener do the mixing but this time we thought we’d demonstrate just what it’s like in a ‘Milky Disco’.

Mixed by Jon Tye who’s been banging on about all this cosmic fried noodle for some time and specifically designed to recreate the inside of Jon’s mind on a really good Milky Disco trip.

Let’s go freak out again!