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We Work In Bars
The Chap

LODWN013 [Download]

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This short song features a unique blend of sped-up acoustic guitar riffs, busy drumming and a bunch of choir samples and is written from the perspective of people who work in bars and know people who play in bands. It’s inspired by the great city of Berlin. Like the Berlin experience, this song is very uplifting, very depressing and very matter-of-fact all at the same time. In short, it is the perfect pop song!

“We work in bars” is the first single from The Chap’s new album “ Well Done Europe”, which, needless to say, is a masterpiece. It contains hit after hit, quite a few of which mention love and death and stuff like that. It sounds like the coolest new wave pop album ever recorded by a group of teachers (Almost nobody in The Chap is a teacher). It’s the warmest sounding, most catchy record The Chap have ever produced, yet it still expresses their love-hate relationship with pop culture in a most cutting and unique way.

Here is some really pretentious stuff The Chap wrote about themselves in a recent arts funding application:

Through their different backgrounds, the members of The Chap bring together a large variety of musical and extra-musical influences. Together, they explore pop music presentation and its reception through approaches and codes borrowed from other disciplines - namely film narrative or anti-narrative, free improvisation, non-western musical traditions and modern classical composition. The aim is to celebrate pop culture while challenging its inherent tendency to accept mere imitation as innovation. That said, discernible pop references are plenty. But the Chap blend these into something entirely of their own, adding a love for Dadaist humour taken from years of performing among London’s free improv and performance art scene. In their live shows, The Chap place the multilayered detachment of their recordings into the realms of hard rock n roll immediacy, having thus garnered a reputation as one of the most exciting, challenging, and engaging live acts around.

As it says in “We work in bars”: They got the funding.