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7 Point Plan To Destroy Astrology
Richard Thomas & The Wormholes

LCD10 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Yorkshire Rider
Play 02 Planet/Over
Play 03 Sex Kitten
Play 04 Salt And Vinegar
Play 05 WHER
Play 06 Route/Also (Eammon Directions)
Play 07 Vermicelli/Vorticella 1
Play 08 Lieblings Gruppe
Play 09 The Gibson Grasshopper
Play 10 Googleplex-Onomics
Play 11 Synod Lincoln Trails
Play 12 Sceptron Sperry Gyroscope
Play 13 Vermicelli/Vorticella 2
Play 14 Vermicelli Vorticelli

Collaborative album between richard thomas and dublin lofi trio (the) wormhole(s). mad mix of rock, jazz, abstract noise, kind of rock concre'te and further evidence of thoma's wayward brilliance. 14 tracks.