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Chris Smith EP
Red Snapper

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ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Deathroll (Robert Logan Remix)
Play 02 Brickred (Dr. Radious' Brick Dub)
Play 03 Lagos Creeper (Memory9 Remix)
Play 04 Moving Mountain (Scuba Remix)

After a series of sold out shows around the globe Red Snapper decided to follow up their recent A Pale Blue Dot mini album by asking some of their favourite artists to remix tracks from the album.

The result is a fiercely poetic tribute to the wonder that is the Snapper. From the melodic density of Robert Logan, the mega dub of Dr Radius, the deep aquatic throb of Scuba or the hyper intensity of Memory 9, these mixes all have one thing in common, they all worship the holy trinity of bass, middle and top and they all sound absolutely rocking.

Come join this holy party.

This EP is also a tribute to the late Chris Smith who worked with Red Snapper at Terminal studios.

Red Snapper live:

These will be unique shows with Red Snapper road testing tracks from their forthcoming album, currently in production. Tracks will also be used in the films ‘Open Door’ and ‘Golden’ by director Danielle Callesen

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