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The Sharpest Tool In The Box
Twisted Science

LLP09 [LP]
LCD09 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 No Morning Entries
Play 02 NY Dog
Play 03 Son Of Sam
Play 04 G-Loc
Play 05 Stripped & Stranded
Play 06 Soft Cop
Play 07 Smoking Toad
Play 08 Crock
Play 09 The Power Of One
Play 10 Fuzz Tones
Play 11 Never Under
Play 12 Worm On A String
Play 13 V.V.V.
Play 14 Bastinado
Play 15 Eraser
Play 16 Void

Second album from me and way more fucked up yet still managed to get album of the week in the times and no 1 in dj mags techno chart. 16 tracks.