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A Flower White EP
Susumu Yokota

LODWN004 [Download]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 A Flower White
Play 02 A Flower White (Seeland Remix)
Play 03 Love Tendrilises (Montag Remix)
Play 04 A Ray Of Light (Oen Sujet Remix)
Play 05 Love Tendrilises (Montag Instrumental Remix)

Perhaps the most striking song from Susumu Yokota’s most recent album; ‘A Flower White’ features the vocals of Nancy Elizabeth over an arresting mixture of swooning synths and almost military beats to create what Fact magazine called a ‘90’s goth metal ballad’. Others preferred to hear it as ‘moody new wave’ or ‘warped folk’. Whatever it is, it’s certainly unique and undoubtedly gorgeous.

Also on the EP is an amazing remix of ‘A Flower White’ by Seeland - A band featuring ex-members of Plone & Broadcast, who take the track in a more ‘shoegaze pop’ direction, all chiming guitars and soaring harmonies, to create a modern classic. As if that wasn’t enough there’s a string drenched remix of ‘Love Tendrilises’ by Canada’s Montag (fresh from their excellent M83 remix) and an intricate, heavily electronic re-work of ‘A Ray Of Light’ by fellow Canadians Oen Sujet.

We’ve also included Montag’s instrumental version of ‘Love Tendrilises’, reminiscent of the widescreen ambience of Low era Bowie and Eno, it’s just too good to miss.