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LCD07 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Space Würm - Mogue
Play 02 Solvent - Half Eaten Drum Machine
Play 03 Eight Frozen Modules - Sand Bubbles
Play 04 Lowfish - It Has Much Grain
05 Lesser - President Of The Folk Song Isn't Fanclub
Play 06 David Kristian - Luau III
Play 07 Kundalini - Walking Sun
Play 08 Chessie - The Last Lie I Ever Told
Play 09 Textile Sounds - Micro Macro Hold
Play 10 Microstudio - Cubensis
Play 11 Slicker - Cnimmus
Play 12 Matmos - Lunaire
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Criminally under rated compilation of underground electronica from america (and canada), lots of standout tracks. feat: space wurm, solvent, 8 frozen modules, lowfish, lessed, david kristian, kundalini, chessie, textile sounds, microstudio, slicker, matmos.