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Shoes And Radios Attract Paint
Richard Thomas

LCD06 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 The Horla/Occupying The Distance Shredder
Play 02 Echo Locator2:
Play 03 Darbytuff (Ternpered)
Play 04 Sumo Groupies/Antelope Valley High
Play 05 Stanton Ductile Warrior
Play 06 Valley Of The Interlocking Spurs
Play 07 Return To Pow-7
Play 08 Gurl Trivia
Play 09 Ordure Rechauffe
Play 10 Waxy Flexibility (Part Three)

debut album from 'welsh wunderkind noisemeister', brilliant mixture of skewed jazz, electronics, lo fi abstraction. introducing one of the few truly original talents at work today.

10 tracks.