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Mo' Dub
Black Devil Disco Club

LODWN001 [Download]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Black Devil/Polar Pair - Another Strange Skin
Play 02 Black Devil/In Flagranti - On Just Foot Forever

To celebrate an amazing year for Black Devil, Lo Recordings releases it’s first ever download only single. An appropriately futuristic format for an act whose music has always sounded like it’s from the future. After the incredible response to the ’28 After’ album it was gratifying to receive an equally ecstatic response to the ‘In Dub’ album, now ‘Mo’ Dub’ brings you two fresh hits of double distilled Black Devil sound. In Flagranti take you to a nightclub on the edge of the solar system and fry your mind with their super freaked electro cosmic disco boogie whilst Israeli duo Polar Pair take you on a trip to the outer limits of the Cosmos, which in the words of the devil himself is ‘a version on the ground. Extremely original and astonishing’. You better believe it, if you want to fly you need this music!

Black Devil continue their global odyssey with upcoming live shows in London, Sao Paolo, Paris and Berlin.