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Love or Die
Susumu Yokota

LCD66 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 For The Other Self Who is Far Away That I Can not Reach
Play 02 A Slowly Fainting Memory of Love and Respect, and Hatred
Play 03 The Loneliness of Anarchic Beauty Achieved by My Ego
Play 04 A Heart-warming and Beautiful Flower Will Eventually Wither Away and Become Dirt
Play 05 The Sin of Almighty God, Respected and Believed by The Masses
Play 06 That Person's Hearsay Protects My Free Spirit
Play 07 The Things That I Need to Do for Just One's Love
Play 08 The Scream of a Sage Who Lost Freedom and Love Taken for Granted Before
Play 09 A Song Produced While Floating Alone on Christmas Day
Play 10 The Now Forgotteb Gods of Rocky Mountain Residing in the Back of the North Woods
Play 11 The Sacred Ceremony Conceived by Chance from an Evil Lie
Play 12 The Destiny of a Little Bird Trapped Inside a Small Cage for Life

Susumu Yokota is one of the very few consistently engaging electronic artists to emerge in the last 10 years. Always restless, always changing and yet always himself.

Love Or Die sees him return to a more distinctly ‘ambient’ sound as found on his classic albums like ‘ Sakura’ and ‘Grinning Cat’ and yet as ever there are new variations and surprising juxtapositions, such as the drum and bass meets Windham Hill textures of ‘ The Scream of a Sage…’ or the Joe Meek breakbeat of ‘The Loneliness of Anarchic Beauty…’.

The long Zen like titles seem to indicate that whatever the musical terrain, at the core of Yokota’s music there lies a deep and profound sense of purpose and focus.