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Further Mutations
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LCD05 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
01 Twisted Science - Feelin Brown Part 1
Play 02 Peter Kraut-Pooo
Play 03 Sycophants, The - Spiegels
Play 04 Luke Vibert-Blasted Wook
Play 05 David Kristian-See Sawing Sea
Play 06 Cujo-Clockwork
07 Sycophants, The-Times T-Bone
08 Wormhole-We Can't Play For Shit E
Play 09 Burzootie-DMN97
Play 10 Voafose-Wooden League
Play 11 Twisted Science-Feelin' Brown Part 2
Play 12 Hood-Lo-Band Width
Play 13 Barbed-My Name Is Sugar Caine
Play 14 Mellowtrons, The-Space Notes
15 Fish Out Of Water featuring Robert Wyatt-Cry From The City
Play 16 Underdog, The-Cloaking Device
Play 17 Ganger-Scratch
18 Richard Thomas-An Itch You Can't Fucking Scratch
Play 19 Chasm-Epicycle
Play 20 Bedouin Ascent-Eternal Boy
21 Richard Thomas-I'm Going To Hit The Ground Running
Play 22 Thurston Moore meets Eugene Chadbourne- Careful With That Rake Eugene
Play 23 2 Player & D.J. Vadim-White Painted Roads
Play 24 Freezer-Demo

Another installment of stirring stuff, perhaps not as groundbreaking as vol 3 but features some cracking stuff.

24 tracks; twisted science,peter kraut, the sycophants, luke vibert, david kristian, cujo, wormhole, burzootie ( seminal hip hop producer with a track originally released on def jam in 1985), voafose, hood, barbed, the mellowtrons, fish out of water feat. robert wyatt (yes the robert wyatt), the underdog, ganger, richard thomas, chasm (robert hampson of main in break beat mode), bedouin ascent, thurston moore/eugene chadboune, 2 player/ dj vadim, freezer (fridge incognito)