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Milky Disco
Various Artists

LCD62 [CD]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Daniel Wang/All Flowers Must Fade
Play 02 Padded Cell/Konkorde Lafayette
Play 03 George Vert/Electric Bird
Play 04 Johan Agebjorn Feat. Sally Shapiro/Spacer Woman From Mars
Play 05 In Flagranti/Nonplusultra (Black Devil Remix)
Play 06 Jersey Devil Social Club/Child 13
Play 07 The Emperor Machine/Front Man (Idjut Boys Grithius Maximus Mix)
Play 08 Black Mustang & Kerrier District/Mad as Hell (Dub)
Play 09 Quiet Village Feat. Godsy/Desparate Hours
Play 10 Studio/Lifes a Beach
Play 11 Sorcerer/Surfing at Midnight
Play 12 Dubbe Ditten/Six Cups of Rebel

Variously referred to as Nu Disco or Cosmic Disco, it’s an underground scene that’s been getting bigger and stronger in the last couple of years. One of the key players, Lindstrom, is taking influences from across the dance spectrum, from dubbed out instrumental house, pitched down with added live elements to full on arpeggiated italo disco electronics. Lindstrom is only part of an ever increasing group of artistes who are choosing to explore these sounds. The whole scene has been hitting front pages in the last couple of months, on the verge of going over-ground with much media attention bearing down on the ‘Nu Disco Mafia’.

This compilation brings you the tracks that have helped define this sound. They’re all here from Morgan Geist’s spooky tribute to Black Devil as Jersey Devil Social Club. Black Devil themselves who provide a fantastic remix of In Flagranti’s ‘Nonplusultra’, Swedish sensations Studio with the stoned immaculate kraut rock inspired ‘Life’s A Beach’, Cornwall’s answer to Metro Area, Kerrier District aka Luke Vibert in league with Black Mustang dealing out the deadly dub vibrations, San Fran based Sorcerer with his mystic cosmic sound and Padded Cell’s steaming punkfunk disco.

From the deep atmospherics of Quiet Village to the Balearic vibes of the Idjut Boys epic rework of The Emperor Machine’s ‘Front Man’, the New York strut of Daniel Wang or the easy listening almost post rock sound of Lindstrom, there’s ample evidence of why this is the most happening sound around.

‘Milky Disco’ features exclusive tracks from Lindstrom (under his Six Cups Of Rebel alias), Sally Shapiro, Quiet Village. Kerrier District and Black Mustang along with rare tracks only ever released before on vinyl making this the quintessential cosmic disco compendium.