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Twisted Science

LCD04 [CD]
LLP04 [LP]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Sex, Drugs And Science
Play 02 Bender
Play 03 Beady Eye
Play 04 Bad Head
Play 05 Laptop Swine
Play 06 Theme From Slow Blow
Play 07 Magma Hum
Play 08 Intermission
Play 09 Lube
Play 10 Bad Kabuki
Play 11 Mr Ray Gone
Play 12 Horn
Play 13 Here Come The Pigs
Play 14 Fryed
Play 15 Fin

Debut album from me (as solo artist). mixture of noise and breaks, textures. unwittingly prefigured drill & bass, dhr etc. surprisingly good reception.

15 tracks.