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Disc 2
Various & Susumu Yokota

LCD59 (2) [12]

ActionTrack NumberTrack NameDuration
Play 01 Hairy Butter Vs Georges Vert - Lock Don
Play 02 Cursor Miner - This is Electro
Play 03 The Chap - Remember Elvis Rex
Play 04 The Chap - Courage And Modesty
Play 05 Cursor Miner - Remote Control
Play 06 Hairy Butter - Mr Gs Locked In Dub
Play 07 Milky Globe _ Disco Gardens
Play 08 The Chap / Pier Bucci _ Space=Volume
Play 09 Susumu Yokota _ 3a
Play 10 Cursor Miner _ Grilling The Cheese
Play 11 Cursor Miner _ Battery Powered Joy
Play 12 Jean Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert -Moog Acid (Jackson Mix)
Play 13 Jean Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert-(Plastician mix)
Play 14 Cursor Miner _ Cursor Miner Feels Good
Play 15 Susumu Yokota _ Siva Dance
Play 16 Susumu Yokota _ 3c
Play 17 Milky Globe _ The Warp & The Woof (Secondo Mix)
Play 18 The Chap _ Woop Woop
Play 19 The Chap _ I Got Flattened By A Pig Farmer
Play 20 Milky Globe _ Ode (SCSI 9 Moscow Mix)
Play 21 Red Snapper _ Heavy Petting
Play 22 Four Tet / Rothko _ Rivers Become Oceans

This deceptively simply titled album conceals a devilishly complex and ambitious musical construction as you would expect from the mind of the man Yokota. An absolutely unique trawl through the Lo back catalogue which manages to span

much of it’s expansive breadth to create a dizzying aural collage that delights and intrigues.

The second CD (Red) is a very different beast focusing more on Lo’s uptempo elec-tronic output. Starting with the previously unreleased acid mix of Hairy Butter’s ‘Lock

Don’ by Georges Vert before diving into the deep electro vibes of Cursor Miner’s ‘This Is Electro’, it also features the heavy, heavy beats of Mr G’s ‘Locked in Dub’, the fu-

ture disco of Milky Globe and the minimal space groove of Pier Bucci. There are also unreleased tracks by Yokota himself as well as tracks from Four Tet, Jackson, Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert, Red Snapper and The Chap.

'Eccentric and endlessly inventive, this is a weird and wonderful anthology.' 4/5 IDJ