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Lo Recordings
2(b) Swanfield Street
London E2 7DS
tel+44 207 613 1813
fax+44 207 729 5332.

Licensing and Publishing:



Jon Tye
1 Osborne Villas
PL10 1BU

Press UK:
Other Press:

Lo Recordings has been in existence for over 15 years and is widely regarded as one of the most consistently innovative independent labels. Lo developed two new labels: Loaf, for new artists and Loeb, for vinyl 12¹s. The Label is run by Hub 100 and the sister company Hub 100 Publishing who have developed a production music library imprint called Lo Editions in conjunction with UPPM Universal production music.

Hub 100 is run by Gavin O¹Shea and Jon Tye the founder of Lo Recordings. Jon works from his home in Cornwall and Gavin runs the London office.